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A Home with a Gun? April 14, 2013

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Guns are a big thing down here. Most of the time, if you ask someone why they carry a gun you will get the response “because I can.” Knowing this, when Brennan is asked to go to someones house to play, I ask if there are guns in the house and if so, are they locked up so that the kids can’t get to them. Fair enough, right? Apparently not. I was told tonight that it’s none of my business and I had a lot of nerve asking. (Only in not terms not as nice as this)


So, I ask you…do you ask?


I ask because I am trusting that other parents are going to protect my child as I would their child. I ask because I know my child well enough to know that if he saw one, his curiosity would most likely get the better of him. I ask because I feel it is my right as a parent to know. But is this right?

I never knew when I became a parent that there was such a HUGE gray area and very little black and white. I am learning I operate better in the black and white.

How do you handle the gray areas when it comes to your child and their safety in the home of someone else? How do you ask the tough questions without coming across as judgmental or rude? Do you care if you DO come across that way?

Leave your answers below…I am truly interested.




2 Responses to “A Home with a Gun?”

  1. Darren Says:

    Interesting! I own a number of firearms and I would not be offended if someone ask me this question, in fact, I would be very impressed. Although my daughter is far to young to understand at the moment, her safety is the most important thing to me so I can fully understand why people would ask this question. By no means is it judgemental, it is sensible. The question is: did you let your son go to this persons house? Their response indicates they don’t take gun safety seriously or they have something to hide!

    • Nope! He stayed home with me. I felt bad that he didn’t get to go play with his friend but his safety is more important. I truly was shocked that someone would be so offended by the question. I have asked others the same question and they, without hesitation, told me that they keep their guns locked up. One mom said that there were loaded guns in her home, but they too were locked up. I was fine with all of those answers. I am not against people owning guns, I am just against people owning guns and being stupid when it comes to safety. Thanks for your feed back!

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