Life, How To's, and Other Various Ramblings

About February 19, 2013


Christina here. Some may ask why we decided to create this blog. It is because we are three of the funniest people we know. (At least we like to think so!) Truthfully, it’s because we all have something that we feel could help someone out there, even if it is just with a chuckle. None of us are the type to sugar coat anything so we will call it like we see it which is, usually, a good thing.

I don’t know specifics. Heidi will contribute what Heidi want to contribute as will Ebun. I am sure that there will be some life ponderings, helpful baking hints, helpful childcare tips and the occasional back and forth between all three of us.

I plan to tell my experiences as a single mom of a little boy who, at the age of 2, had been to the ER so many times that the local ambulance company sent HIM a membership application. (No worries, it was because he is a thrill seeker who knows no fear and got hurt…not because he was sick. Not that getting hurt is a good thing, or something we strive for in this house…but you know what I am sayin’.) I am always looking for new ways to keep him busy and out of trouble. I will share my successes…and the not quite so successful attempts.  I also dabble in making my own cleaning products and other random craftiness.

So, this was a long way of saying that we hope that you are able to find someone or something you relate to here and that at the end of it all you walk away having laughed and maybe even learned something!

See Ya Soon!


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