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Looking for Something to Do With Those Empty Toilet Paper Rolls? February 22, 2013

For some reason, I felt like I should keep my empty t.p. rolls….and now I have an overabundance of them. (It would have behooved me to have a purpose for them when I started saving them because I have enough of them to arm the entire neighborhood with today’s craft project. *sigh*)




I recalled that somewhere along the line, either as a big sister, a baby sitter, a classroom aid in a daycare or in my Childhood Development classes, we made binoculars out of T.P. rolls.  This was perfect timing because B is a huge fan of playing “explorer” right now so we took to the task of making him a set. It was so easy…and took no time.


2 empty tp rolls

glue gun

markers/crayons/paint/stickers (whatever you want to use to decorate them)

ribbon/string/yarn (something to make a strap with)


Start by plugging in your glue gun so it is ready to use when you need it

Set up your little one with the rolls and the chosen decorating tools and let them go to town. (While they are doing this, the adult can cut the ribbon they will need to use as a strap)


2013-02-21_12-45-59_92 2013-02-21_12-46-31_286


After you have accomplished the task of decorating your one of a kind binoculars, it’s time for an adult to glue them together. Just run a line of hot glue along the side of one of the tubes and press the two tubes together.

Now, add a dot of glue on the inside of the tube, but on the outside curve, on both tubes and attach your ribbon.

When you are done, you should have something that looks a little like this:


That’s it!

Now, if you are into something a little more structured and decorative, you can find instructions on how to make camo binoculars here:

I am sure that if you search Pinterest, there are lots of patterns and ideas, but I prefer to let B make his own design.

Ok…go enjoy yourselves and let us see some of those lovely creations!



How To Start A (Fake, but Fun) Book Club

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1. Find a Book

Recently a book came out. I do not readily admit I read this book (or it may be books…) but it was pretty popular among the females. I had no interest in the book but a friend convinced me to read it. She said we should read it (or all three of them) and discuss them.

2. Find More Unsuspecting Fools

Two more friends wanted to read the book(s) too and also meet to talk about it. They may have joined on their free will. Or they may have been pretty much forced.

3. Read the Book

Duh. Seems like a given, but sometimes that concept is harder than you think. In this age of distraction it is sometimes hard to carve out time to sit and read. I myself do not like to do any activity that I cannot also do while playing Words With Friends on my phone.

Sidenote: I used to play Words With Friends when I was at the gym on the Elliptical.

4. Book Club Time!!

Unless you are a legit, albeit boring, book club you will spend about roughly 5% of the time discussing the book, 45% of the time telling everyone why their opinions are wrong, and the rest of the time distracted by the other people in the restaurant, checking out waiters, and talking about life.

5. Pick Another Book

And remember to keep it light. Boring books make boring book clubs.


A Hug From 1500 Miles Away February 21, 2013

The boy’s Gimah lives 1500 miles away (give or take 500. I haven’t calculated it exactly…but rest assured she lives far away.) and therefore we are always looking for new things that he can make to send to her. I recently stumbled across “Send a Hug” on Pinterest. The ladies at came up with this one and we did our own interpretation of it. We think it’s a hit!  (Not to mention SUPER easy to do!)

This would be perfect to do as a yearly gift for a grandparent. It would double nicely as a growth chart that they can hang on to!

Send A Hug

Simply trace your child’s hands. Let them color them in. Measure their “wing span” and then cut a piece of ribbon or string in that length. We adhered the string with a little hot glue, one end of the string on each hand, so that it looks like your little one is coming to give the recipient(s) a hug.

We attached a personalized note on the string with a piece of clear tape.

It was so simple to make and ended up bringing tears to Gimah’s eyes when she opened her care package.




Why oh why? February 19, 2013

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Christina here. Some may ask why we decided to create this blog. It is because we are three of the funniest people we know. (At least we like to think so!) Truthfully, it’s because we all have something that we feel could help someone out there, even if it is just with a chuckle. None of us are the type to sugar coat anything so we will call it like we see it which is, usually, a good thing.

I don’t know specifics. Heidi will contribute what Heidi want to contribute as will Ebun. I am sure that there will be some life ponderings, helpful baking hints, helpful childcare tips and the occasional back and forth between all three of us.

I plan to tell my experiences as a single mom of a little boy who, at the age of 2, had been to the ER so many times that the local ambulance company sent HIM a membership application. (No worries, it was because he is a thrill seeker who knows no fear and got hurt…not because he was sick. Not that getting hurt is a good thing, or something we strive for in this house…but you know what I am sayin’.) I am always looking for new ways to keep him busy and out of trouble. I will share my successes…and the not quite so successful attempts.  I also dabble in making my own cleaning products and other random craftiness.

So, this was a long way of saying that we hope that you are able to find someone or something you relate to here and that at the end of it all you walk away having laughed and maybe even learned something!

See Ya Soon! 



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